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Nordia Bogle, BSc. M.Ed

Nordia Bogle M.Ed is a Personal & Executive Brand Strategist for immigrant women and emerging executives. She holds a BSc. in Psychology and a Master's in Educational Administration and Leadership. She subscribes to lifelong learning and development and has a passion to see people achieve their fullest potentials and recognize career aspirations to showcase the best versions of themselves.

Nordia helps ambitious goal-oriented immigrant women build bold executive presence and noticeable personal brands, to increase their visibility and marketability for career advancement. She believes we achieve the success we desire only through planning and taking action. Therefore to achieve career success we need to engage in effective planning, guided by clear goals and action steps.

Nordia asserts that career success requires that we show up and build our personal brands with intention. The aim of your personal brand is not to falsely impress others but rather to communicate your value and expertise to increase visibility and attract the right people and opportunities. If you love a good plan with clear steps and you are not afraid to take action, then you will love the frameworks and strategies Nordia shares for building bold executive presence and noticeable personal brands.